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Creating a user-friendly and clean UX/UI design is an essential aspect of our development process. We utilize Figma to craft our designs and React/Next.js to deliver outstanding user experience and exceptional accessibility across our applications. We use Sass for projects with more intricate design requirements, and in cases where functionality takes precedence we rely on Mantine. Additionally, our frontend applications adhere to a mobile‑first approach, guaranteeing responsiveness on all devices.


Our backend relies on a custom internal framework built with the Python async HTTP library aiohttp and the database management system Alembic along with PostgreSQL. By leveraging async programming, it delivers exceptional speed and efficiency, allowing us to build highly performant RESTful APIs. Its asynchronous nature minimizes latency and enables us to handle a large number of requests simultaneously.


We deliver reliable hosting solutions, utilizing technologies trusted by the world's largest companies. Our DevOps solutions are designed to optimize the lifecycle of software development, enabling our clients to release high-quality software faster. Leveraging the power of Kubernetes, Flux CD, Google Cloud and AWS, we can provide carefully tailored solutions to the specific needs of each client.
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M87 Technologies P.S.A. is a non publicly traded joint-stock IT company established in 2022 by a group of young IT specialists. The main theme of the company is to use bleeding edge programming tools in order to help our customers reach competitive advantages by making their IT solutions:

more user friendly
more reliable / highly available
integrated with all sorts of systems they may wish to pull data from or push data to
profit from Moore's law
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